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eArabic Pro 6.0 Comprehensive Arabic Language Tutor

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    Get the most effective Arabic language tutoring program available today for your home or school!

    Order Emirates Arabic Pro 6.0 today and Start speaking Arabic in 30 days. Master reading, writing and communication in Arabic in four to six months of serious study days guaranteed.

    "The program is the best. It took me no more than 30 minutes to recognize that I have a very good tool to improve my Arabic language."
    Shahid Nazir, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Upgrade Mualimi to eArabic Pro 6.0 eArabic Pro 6 - New

A Complete Solution  
and it makes you want to study

Get the best multimedia (MSA) Modern Standard Arabic Language tutoring software for all levels and ages.
eArabic Pro 6.0 empowers the students to succeed in education and in business in today's global village. The program will teach the student everything he or she needs to know about the Arabic language, culture and heritage.

The Winning Strandard In Modern Standard Arabic Language Acquisition Software:
eArabic Pro 6.0 is the ultimate choice for MSA language acquisition for your home, school, or international business. This is a complete Arabic language tutoring software program with step-by-step audio instructions and on-screen how-to manual. It's like having a home tutor. Tell me more..."

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